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We are Sandra, Jan, Jordy and Niels. In 1995 we bought our first Japanese Akita.

We decided to devote the rest of our lives to the Akita Inu, and so set up our own kennels: “Hinode Kara”. Hinode Kara” (meant in Japanese: “of the Rising Sun”)

Akita Inu – “Hinode Kara”

Our kennel grew so much that we had hardly any room for the dogs. This is why we built our own house with plenty of extra room for them – a little home of their own.

We are present at the National and International shows, where our dogs have achieved excellent results.

We do our very best to breed beautiful, healthy and social dogs. We still learn a lot about this beautiful breed. We try to get in touch with other breeders in Europe as much as possible.

Enjoy our website and feel free to contact us for more information by mail or by phone!.


These days we see the Akita as a valuable and friendly companion to his own people. However, if you intend to keep an Akita you should understand the history of the breed. The Akita is usually sweet natured, friendly, tolerant and understanding of his own. However, he may be reserved towards others, and so tends to keep a close eye on them. He is certainly not quick to bark or to bite. He is careful in what he does and how he keeps watch. However, he may be entirely different when faced with other dogs, particularly those of the same sex. It is best, therefore, to couple dogs with bitches in the kennels. He is very good with children.


The Akita Inu makes a very good companion and can live for up 12 years. Before buying an Akita puppy it is a good idea to find out a few things about the breed. Make sure that you can see and touch one of the puppy’s parents. This will tell you whether you are dealing with a sociable or aggressive character. That little bundle of fluff will very quickly grow into a huge and powerful dog.