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  • Shoulder height: 67 cm for dogs and 61cm for bitches, with a margin of 3cm above or below this height.
  • Weight: between 35 and 45 kg for dogs and between 25 and 35 kg for bithes.
  • Ears: very characteristic. Set sideways on the head, small in proportion, thick and triangular in shape
  • Eyes: these are almost triangular (almond shaped) and at a slant
  • Tail: curled over the back
  • Gait: springing step
  • Color: The Akita is permissible in several colors: red, sesame, brindle and white. All of these colors must have ‘Urajiro’ in them, i.e. whitish colored hair on the snout, under the snout, on the cheeks, throat, chest and stomach, on the top of the tail and on the inside.